Eurogames (also known as German-style Board Games) are a particular variety of board game. If the phrase 'board game' conjures up Monopoly or Risk in your mind, that the wrong image. Eurogames are a relatively recent phenomena that's a whole new class of games which I really enjoy. (Sadly I don't get to play often enough as many of my gaming friends are in Europe which is a long way from Boston.)

Eurogames are called that because the center of activity in developing them is in Europe, more precisely Germany (hence they are often called German-style boardgames). The Eurogaming community developed a style of board games which are thoughtful, but not overly complex. Good Eurogames can be learned and played in a couple of hours. yet are interesting enough to play repeatedly.


Eurogames有时是抽象的,但通常有some kind of theme. (Settlers of Catan is settling an island, Puerto Rico is developing a colony.) However the theme is usually pretty loose, and there's no attempt to create a good simulation. In that way Eurogames are different to simulation games. The latter were usually long and complex,欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲游戏有些人不喜欢这一点,争论主题是“粘贴”。我发现主题倾向于为游戏增添味道,但我也很了解力学和可玩性首先提出的事实。那些被不精确的模拟困扰的人会发现这种更加偏袒。

欧洲游戏的一个关键要素是you can usually learn and play a new game in an evening. 在复杂度上有一些变化,但是即使是更复杂的游戏(比如波多黎各)也只需要几个小时就可以玩,而且在你第一次尝试时会很有趣。

许多旧棋盘游戏(如风险和垄断)的一个大问题是在结束之前被淘汰。这让人们从事件中脱离。更糟糕的是,高潮很容易成为一个绘制的消磨,最终会赢得谁会赢得胜利,但它需要一段时间才能完成最后的对手(*咳嗽*垄断*咳嗽*)。Eurogames努力避免这些问题让每个人都参与到底, often by increasing the tempo as the game goes on so that things move slowly at the beginning (so you can learn while playing) but finish fast to get a close and exciting climax.

欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲植物有间接冲突.Rather than attacking another player's position (as in Chess or Risk), you concentrate on building up your own position while competing for resources. While there can be blocking of other players, it's usually a minor part of the mechanics. As a result it's no surprise that war themes are rare in Eurogames.

如果您必须等待何时才能举动,游戏可以轻松拖动。所以Eurogame力学试图reduce waiting time通过保持很多短暂的快速动作。几个游戏具有同时移动,或者至少寻找方法,以便让您完成大部分决策,而其他人则在其他人开始。

随机性有很多变化在不同种类的欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲游戏之间。一些(例如Agricola,Puerto Rico)只有跟踪随机性的元素,其他人通过卡绘制的机制(Galaxy的比赛)或瓷砖绘制(Carcassonne)来引入随机性。更大的随机性增加了游戏中的运气元素,但也可以增加变的变化,使重复发挥令人愉快,使其对桌子较低的技术人员来说更令人愉快。然而,整体而言,我发现即使是那些具有更大随机性的游戏也会看到更多的球员更频繁地获胜。

欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲欧洲游戏世界有一个有影响力的奖项Spiel des Jahres.

How to use this list

This is a list of most of the games that I'm familiar with, mostly because I have a copy. I've included various notes about them and my opinions of them, together with links to suitable sites for more information. You can use the panel on the left to filter the games list. Each game has an expander button which you can use to get more information on the game.



  • 1:是为了一个游戏,我会积极尝试避免播放(例如垄断),更喜欢阅读书籍。
  • 2:是一个我会玩的游戏,甚至可能享受,但不能看到我的收藏中的其他人再次挑选。我真的应该摆脱它。
  • 三:是一个我喜欢的游戏,并希望保持我的收藏。但如果我的房子被烧毁,我会再买它。
  • 4:is a game I want in my collection, and would replace if anything happened to it.
  • 5:是我最喜欢的游戏 - 我会去荒岛的游戏(只要还有其他游戏玩家就可以和我一起玩)。


对于每种游戏,我提供三个特别有用的网站上的链接。BoardGameGeekis a treasure-trove of information on games, a good place to seek rule clarifications, game reviews, and variants (my handle there isMartinfowlercom.)。Amazon是购买游戏的好地方(特别是因为使用我的链接将有助于推动我的游戏习惯)。维基百科经常在这些游戏中有有用的条目。这些都将在我的相当简短的笔记上大大扩大。特别是有很多视频可以进行游戏,这很值得一看,如果你喜欢游戏,那就值得一看。此类视频在游戏的相关ObserGameGeek页面上完全索引。


  • 1gear:是一个游戏,我可以舒适地教授非游戏玩家,知道他们应该在几圈内挂起规则(如果不是策略)。
  • 2档:is something I would bring out once I sense someone has a bit of experience with these kinds of games, but still is a game that I think they would get the hang of after a few turns.
  • 3.gears:我觉得大多数人在打完一场完整的比赛后才能掌握的比赛。我只会提供给那些我认为可能有(或发展)重口味游戏的人。

Gatewaygames are the ones I'd choose from my collection to introduce modern games to people who have never tried Eurogames before.旅行games are those that pack small when travelling, and often can be set up easily in a bar or cafe.Cooperative游戏是球员对游戏合作的那些,而不是相互竞争。


我拿了这一点playing time直接来自BoardgameGeek。封面照片反映了我们拥有的游戏的副本,其中许多已更改更新的框封面。这player counts反映我们拥有的扩展,您可以获得更多的玩家与其他扩展 - 再次检查链接。

如果这些游戏中有任何一个听起来很有趣,那么了解它们的一个好方法就是看一段视频。我特别喜欢那些重型纸板, particularly for the more complex games. Since Heavy Cardboard moved to Boston, I've become频繁的玩家在他们的视频上。rahdo.是让游戏感觉的另一个好选择。