Domain-specific language(noun): a computerprogramming language of limited expressiveness focused on aparticular domain.

  • 正则表达式
  • CSS
  • graphviz
  • make
  • FIT
  • 黄瓜
  • rails validations
  • JMock expectations
  • ant
  • (many more examples)…

Q&A on Domain Specific Languages

A quick outline of the common questions,and answers,about DSLs


I've done a few interviews on DSLs,which help provide an introductionto the topic and how I've approached it.


  • InformitNeal Ford interviews Rebecca and me
  • Dr DobbsAn interview with Rebecca and me in Dr Dobb's


Free First Chapter

I made the first chapter of my DSL book act as an introductory exampleto help the reader get an overview of DSLs and how I talk aboutthem.As a result it makes a good introduction to DSLs,so it'sparticularly nice that Addison-Wesley made this chapter freelyavailable.You can use it to judge whether the full book islikely to be worthwhile,or just use it as a brief overview of thetopic if you don't want to dig further.

Catalog of DSL Patterns

The DSL book uses patterns to help structure its content.I keep abrief summary of these patterns here,primarily to act as a reliableURI for reference purposes.