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Podcast with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on Agility and Architecture

Ryan Lockard (Agile Uprising) invited me to joinRebecca Wirfs-Brockfor a podcast conversation on architecture on agile projects.Rebecca developed Responsibility-Driven bet188足球Design,which was a big influence for me when I started my career.We talked about how we define architecture,the impact of tests on architecture,the role of domain models,what kind of documentation to prepare,and how much architecture needs to be done up-front.



DSL interview with Neal Ford and Jeffery Snover (JAOO 2008)

Neal Ford,188bet足球充值Martin Fowler and Jeffry Snover

A Microsoft Channel 9 interview of me,my colleague Neal Ford,and Jeffery Snover (creator of PowerShell).The general topic is that of DSLs - Neal and I had just finished a tutorial on the topic at JAOO 2008 and had some good conversations with Jeffery.

October 2008


Interview with Artima.com

I was interviewed by Bill Venners for his artima.com website.In the interview I touch upon 188足球比分直播refactoring,evolutionary bet188足球design,flexibility,and test driven development.Bill even manages to make mesound coherent.

9 December 2002

Agile at 10

SD Times interview on 10 years since the agile manifesto

3 May 2011

SE Radio Podcast on Domain-Specific Languages

Rebecca Parsons,188bet足球充值Martin Fowler,and Markus Völter

I'm joined by ThoughtWorks CTO Rebecca Parsons,who was a contributer to the DSL book,to talk with Markus Völter about DSLs.We talk about what DSLs are,the differences between internal and external DSLs,and when you should (and shouldn't use DSLs).

26 January 2012


Agile Brazil Interview

Paulo Caroli and 188bet足球充值Martin Fowler

Interview with Paulo Caroli and me at Agile Brazil

June 2010


Perspectives on DSLs with Chris Sells

188bet足球充值Martin Fowler and Chris Sells

When I attended DSL DevCon,Microsoft's Channel 9 dragged me off to be interviewed by Chris Sells.

April 2009


InfoQ Interview with Jez and me on Continuous Delivery

188bet足球充值Martin Fowler and Jez Humble

An interview with Jez Humble and me at QCon San Francisco in 2010

November 2010


Interviewed by Jim Highsmith

When I went to Snowbird in 2001 for the meeting that led to the Manifesto,Jim interviewed me for a book he was working on.It provides a snapshot on my thinking on extreme programming and this thing that a few days later we called agile software development.

February 2001