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Last weekend I attended the Alt.NET conference.It was the firstnamed gathering of a group of people I've been watching on theblogosphere for quite a long time.A group of long-time users ofMicrosoft technologies who feel that their development philosophyhas been getting out of sync with the perceived orthodoxy fromRedmond.While some have considered moving away this group is keen to stay and try to influence the Microsoftworld.

9 October 2007



The last couple of months have been heavy on the travel (towards the end of it I calculated that I'd spent 40 out of the last 44 days on the road) which is why my website has been quiet.Now I'm back home again and can reflect on some of it - and thegoto conferenceis always full of things to reflect on.

16 October 2012



AtRailsConf2007there was a lot of excitement over JRuby.This small team had taken a moribund project and turned it into what looks like a first class implementation of the Ruby platform on the JVM.They got a lot of cheers and deserved them all.

So with JRuby pretty much here,the spotlight moves onto the othercommon managed code runtime - .NET.Microsoft's intentions for Rubyare currently much less clear.They have announced Ruby as alanguage for scripting Silverlight - but that still leaves a lot ofopen questions.Is this a full implementation of the ruby language,or is some form of Ruby++ - an enhanced subset of Ruby?

30 May 2007